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Moravian C1 Series imager auto-guider

Excellent, professional grade, top of the line CMOS camera designed and manufactured in Europe by Moravian Instruments.

The C1 series CMOS cameras were designed to be small, lightweight imagers for Moon and planets and for automatic telescope guiding. With proper image calibration, C1 cameras provide surprisingly good results also in entry-level deep-sky imaging. The used CMOS sensors response to light is linear up to very close to saturation point, so, C1 cameras can be used for scientific applications like variable star research, too.

C1 cameras are available in 3 models and are equipped with Sony IMX CMOS detectors featuring 3.45 x 3.45 um square pixels. Two read modes are a fast 8-bit mode with more than 100 MPx/s digitization speed (5 MPx image from C1-5000 is downloaded in less than 0.05 s). Number of bytes transferred to the PC equals to number of pixels. Then a slightly slower (but still very fast) 12-bit mode with ~80 MPx/s digitization speed (5MPx image from C1-5000 is downloaded in ~0.06 s). Every pixel then occupies 2 bytes (1 word), only the upper 4 bits of every word are always zero.

C1 cameras are capable of very short exposures. The shortest exposure time is 125 micro-second (1/8000 of second). This is also the step, by which the exposure time is expressed. So, the second shortest exposure is 250 micro-seconds etc.

Long exposure timing is controlled by the host PC and there is no upper limit on exposure time. In reality the longest exposures are limited by saturation of the sensor either by incoming light of by dark current (see the following sub-chapter).
The sensor response to light is perfectly linear. This means the camera can be used also for entry-level research projects, like for instance photometry or brighter variable stars etc.

C1-1500 - 1456 x 1088 pixels 3.45 x 3.45 um - Image area size 5.02 x 3.75 mm
C1-3000 - 2064 x 1544 pixels 3.45 x 3.45 um - Image area size 7.12 x 5.33 mm
C1-5000 - 2464 x 2056 pixels 3.45 x 3.45 um - Image area size 8.50 x 7.09 mm

C1 camera head is designed to be lightweight and compact to be easily attached even to small telescopes or finders. Compact and robust camera head measures only 57 x 57 x 48 mm not including the CS-mount lens adapter.




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