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Code: SW909AZ5

Saxon 90mm refractor and super sturdy AZ5 Alt-Az mount

A great telescope package well suited for the office, apartment or any balcony with a view great view. Take a closer look at distant mountains, sea vessels or swing up high and visit the craggy terrain of the moon, see Saturn's rings and the moons of Jupiter.

Easy to set-up and use straight out of the box.


- Aperture:90mm
- Focal Length: 900mm - f/10
- Multi-coated achromatic objective (adjustable cell)
- Highest Practical Power 180x
- Aluminium optical tube
- Dew cap/Sunshade
- 90 degree erect image diagonal
- 6x30 optical straight through finderscope
- Smooth rack-and-pinion 1.25 inch focuser
- 65% more light gathering power than 70mm
- 52 degree super 25mm, 10mm & 4mm eyepieces
- Smooth slow motion control cables

AZ5 super sturdy alt-azimuth mount with steel tube legs tripod
Slo-motion controls
Steel eyepiece accessories tray

5 years manufacturers warranty



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