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Vixen Extender PH for R200SS telescope

Extender PH Features

The Japan made high quality extender lens system for astrophotography is used with the R200SS parabolic mirror newton reflector turning into an F/5.6 astrograph.
- The extender PH kit is designed to extend a focal length to 1.4x thus the R200SS Newton reflector of 800mm (F4) will be extended to 1,120mm.
- Using optical system of 4-element in 3-group, coma-aberration is eliminated so you can capture sharp images to the edge of imaging field, while also complying with full-frame camera 44mm image circle.
- Use of the 31.7mm eyepiece in combination with eyepiece adapter allows for stunning visual observation also.
- The same anti-reflective AS coatings, which are used for our high-end VSD100F3.8 Astrograph, are used to take advantage of 99.9% superb high transmission of light per lens surface. Loss of light, ghost and flare images are quite substantially eliminated due to the complete internal matte finish.
- The use of 50.8mm eyepiece adapter with the extender PH kit enables high performance barlow lens for visual observation while eliminating coma aberrations over the entire field of view.

Extender PH Specifications

Optical tube applicable: R200SS Newtonian reflector (Dia. 50.8mm Sleeve)
Lens elements: 4 elements in 3 groups
Coating: AS-Coating (Max.transmission rate 99.9% per surface)
Magnification: 1.4x
Focal length with R200SS: 1,120mm (F5.6) from 800mm (F4)
Image circle: 44mm dia. (36mm x 24mm full-frame sensor)
Attachment threads: M56 (male), pitch 0.75mm, 50.8mm push-fit
Filter applicable: Dia. 48mm filter is attachable.
Visual use: YES

Kit structure
1 piece of Extender PH and 1 piece of Ex-tube 66
Size: Dia.56mm x L128mm
Weight: 245g (Extender PH body only)



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